Developing problem with Sibelius xml import.

I’m having a problem trying to import Sibelius xml exports (both native and docet) into Dorico. It’s a multi-movement choral work. The first two imports worked as expected. Trying to import any of the other remaining movements initially resulted in not all the instruments merging as expected - not in itself a big problem because I could always copy the contents of the (spurious) newly-created instruments into the pre-existing versions. Unfortunately, though, the original Cor Anglais does not show-up (even in galley view) in the freshly imported flow. So in this case there was no original stave to copy into.

However, this issue has how been become irrelevant because after a few attempts to get this working I now can’t import the xml at all. Typically it stops at 87%. At this point I can see the newly imported music on the screen as well as some spurious blank pages at the end. However, the flow panel has not appeared and apart from being able to look through the score nothing else works and I have to force quit. (I’m working on a Mac)

I would be grateful if any has any ideas as to what might be happening and how I might get round it.

Thanks, Ian

What happens if you try importing the XMl into a new Dorico document, or just opening the XML in Dorico? If that works you should be able to Export the Flow(s) and then import into your existing Dorico project.

Yes, I’ve tried that - but I get the same behaviour when trying to import the flow.

However, I’ve just had another go and have managed to import the xml by not merging any of the instruments (although they are all the same). In the original Sibelius project the Sopranos and Altos had a transposition of 2 octaves (for my particular playback purposes) I thought that might be an unexpected situation so I changed the transposition and exported again. Still didn’t work merging however.

If you are encountering a specific and reproducible problem where an import isn’t working, please send me the files and the steps to reproduce, and we’ll take a look.

Thanks Daniel, I will do that.

I think I might have discovered what i’ve been doing wrong: Because its a choral work I’ve got a organ reduction in the full score, however I’ve been working almost exclusively in an orchestral layout which excludes the organ. The problems previously described seem to stem from attempting to import an xml while in orchestral layout rather than full score. It’s still the case that a couple of instruments do not merge - but that is a tiny issue easily fixed with a simple copy and paste.

I’ll carry on with this assumption and if all works now as expected I probably don’t need to bother you, Daniel. But thanks again for the offer to take a look.

best wishes, Ian