Developing the use of markers


I am using markers often to help me find different passages in my songs. However I feel that this function has not developed that much over the years. Or maybe I just don’t know how to use it as I wish. First of all, why can’t the markers be bigger, take up a whole track, that would make them much more visible? I know I can add an arrange track under with colors but it should be more visible from the start, or the option to make it so at least. The second thing is, why is there no option of making the different markers effect the colors in the project. For exampel, the background in the project during chorus could be slightly yellow if the marker is yellow, the verse green bakground if the marker for that is green and so on. This would help a lot when navigating in a project without always having to scrool up to the marker to see where that part of the song begins. I know that you can see the marker lines today but that’s not always so visible.

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There are 2 kind of markers, and you can color them.

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I use split screen for that and put the Marker track in the upper area. This way it is always visible.
For marking sections of a song I use Cycle Markers.


And don’t forget about Marker Lines. They really help with visibility.

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