"Device in Use..." message when changing buffer size

Hello. I am running Cubase 12 on a Windows 11 machine. When I try to change my audio device buffer size I get a message like “Device in use… Close program…”. I have tried 2 different audio devices, same problem. I dont’t have another program running which is using my audio device. Very confusing. Any ideas? Thanks!

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Windows. Such a beautiful operating system to make music in… :stuck_out_tongue:
If you restart your computer, does the problem persist? Or you get this message only from time to time.

You need to first close Cubase and any other audio programs that are running, and then change the buffer size with the dedicated control panel for the unit

This is a good idea. Try changing the buffer size from the control panel of your audio interface, but not the one that opens when you go to “Studio/Studio Setup…/Audio System/Control Panel” (in Cubase). The one located in Start menu (somewhere…).