Device Output problems

I’m trying to change the playback output from Dorico to run through my audio interface into my studio monitors, but the audio interface doesn’t show up as a device inside Dorico. The only device option it gives me is the built-in speakers on my computer monitor. Maybe I’m missing something?

Welcome to the forum Mr_Prez.
What kind of audio device do you have, e.g. maker and model?
Furthermore, does it come with an ASIO driver?
Are you on Win or Mac?

Oh sorry I guess that information would have been helpful. I am on windows 10. My reference monitors are running out of a Focusrite Scarlet Solo. I’m not sure that drivers are the problem, as I’ve been using this interface with my current computer for a while now and it works with all my other software without issue.

I finally got it working. It was the driver, it needed an update. I feel dumb now

No worries, no need to feel bad. It’s not obvious that the driver needed an update.