Device Panel for Korg RADIAS

heres the download url

and a screencap I took while I was in the process of making it.

I wish Korg just programmed the editor librarian software to work as a vst editor. feel like that synth lost a lot of ability for lacking the option

The link is broken! Can you please re-up again? thank you!

Just pm me your e-mail and I’ll attach the .xml file.

Hi! Thanks for listening! I can not send PM the forum! I sent my email to your email in Hotmail!

Hello, I am also looking for this. I notice the link has since decayed. Please notify if you have this. Thank you.

Please,send me Korg Radias XML file,thank you!!! This is my e-mail

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I think some of the buttons are messed up nowadays in that they’re not exclusive anymore. For instance if a triangle wave for LFO1 is highlighted and then you switch to S&H, both the S&H and triangle buttons might stay lit. It might be something I can fix but I’m honestly not interested in working on it anymore because of a bug with Cubase Pro 8 where removing a device panel will crash the software and delete all panels.

The glitch only occurs if you have a MIDI channel connected to a device while removing the device… And yes I have the panels exported so it’s not difficult to reimport them… but the system is fragile and I don’t want to run into any more bugs that can harm my work template. Also I don’t even own a RADIAS anymore.