Device Panel knobs not moving despite value changing


I installed the Roland MKS-7 Device Panel, and assigned two of its Sysex controllers to the first 2 quick controls in the inspector (Filter Cutoff & Resonance for the “Melody” part). I also displayed the lighter version of the Device Panel to the “Device Panel” tab in the inspector. And finally, I drew an automation curve for these 2 parameters, with Automation Read activated.

There are several issues:

  1. In the operation manual, in the “Using MIDI devices” chapter, in the “Automating device parameters” section, on p.667, it reads “If you wrote automation but your MIDI device is not yet connected, the panel will not display any parameter changes when playing back the track with the Read button activated.”. Maybe, but neither does it when the MIDI device is connected. Cubase sends Cutoff Filter automation, I can hear it, but the Cutoff Filter knob stands still in the MKS-7 device panel.

  2. When automation is playing, the related Quick Controls faders don’t move, even though the Quick Controls tab is activated (blue button in the upper left corner). However, these Quick Controls faders move when you turn up and down the faders on the MKS-7 device panel, and vice versa. But the light version of the device panel in the inspector is completely independent: it doesn’t sync with the MKS-7 device panel, nor does it sync with the Quick Controls, nor does it sync with current automation values.

It looks like these are bugs or lack of implementations. If so, maybe this message could be moved to the bug or suggestions section.
Thank you.