Device Panel with mixed sysex


I have this midi sysex message to implement in the device panel:
0x062 | [7:4] DCA Attack Rate | [3:0] DCA Decay Rate

I need one knob for the attack and one for the Decay.

I managed to do it unfortunately, moving one reset the second, or moving the second reset the first, as they have the not used byte range set to 0000xxxx or xxxx0000.

Is there a way to send only the xxxx ?

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It’s been a while, but the way I figured it out was looking at existing panels for existing instruments.

Sometimes you get lucky and find something really close already done. Change a few values here and there, delete what you don’t want/need. Drag a few things around to a new arrangement.

Documentation for building devices is a separate thing now, and it doesn’t seem to be as complete as it once was.


There isn’t midi panel furnished with cubase so it would be difficult for me like this…

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My bad, I thought some with panels were included.

There are still some floating around the internet. They used to be easy to find but now get buried way down in search engines.

Here’s one that came up that might me useful:

Note, it’s kind of hard to see where the download is because the link is the same color as everything else, no underline/bold/etc, but it’s there.

Where he says “right click to ‘download here’”, over the mouse over those words ‘download here’.

Then I went to have a look at that MSSIAH device profile, and found a list of several that I believe came with cubase. I certainly didn’t go hunt all these down.

I suppose it’s possible they could be on my system from installations of cubase long ago. I’m on Pro 11 at this time.

To get to that list in Cubase Pro go to the top menu: Studio/More Options/MIDI Device Manager

Click: Install Device

While I was in there I ‘imported’ the MSSIAH one mentioned in a previous post. It loads fine for exploration.

This one doesn’t seem to use sysex for anything though. All CC based.

So, I’ll dig around some and see if I can’t find one that is using sysex that you can examine, or perhaps retrofit for your own purposes.

Stay tuned.


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I have also all these device panel, unfortunately the ones i’ve tried where all empty.
They just contains patch script.

I will look to your link later, because for the moment it’s down.

But i fear that all will be using CC.

The only panel who’s could help me are panel for 80’s device.

And i am the only one making them “free” for cubase as far as i digged.

Even in the “payland” i didn’t see any of them

The cubase documentation provide a lot of interesting feature (logical operations on message…) for these kind of sysex apparently, but i’ve never meet a device panel, or someone who were able to use them. They are still bugs on the device panel for years who’s were never corrected with sysex like roland checksm for long sysex or the fact that the device panel don’t react to sysex concerning the display so who know if what’s in the documentation is working…

As today, i always found a way to do it, but with the sammich sid, it can makes 20 controls just for one sysex with static values…

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I’ve managed to set a mixed sysex with the documentation:
I got this two variables in addition to normal ones in the sysex message:

Unfortunately the documentation stop here!

I suppose i have to create two control and get the x value from each of them to keep all the value but how i put the control1 x value
into the control 2 corresponding variable?

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