Device Panels / Device Maps

Could someone point me in the right direction where to find Device Panels / Maps for Cubase 7.5?

Really looking for these panels:

Clavia Nordlead 4
Waldorf Pulse 2
Elektron Analog 4
Elektron Analog Rytm

Not the cheapest way of doing it but if you can’t find them anywhere then you can make your own if you own Midiquest .
All you have to do is import the sound banks to Midiquest and save as an TxT file which you can load into Cubase as a device map or even better if you own the Xl version of Midiquest you can actually use your hardware as a Vst Plugin .

Not cheap but if you own 20 bits of hardware and want endless device maps and complete integration (vsti wise) then it is the only way forward :wink:

Didn’t know about Midiquest, looks interesting, thanks! By looking at their site, i saw unfortunately that all my above synths arent featured in MQ11…

It’s a pity that Steinberg has come up with something as good as the Device Panels/Maps and then neglects to provide profiles. Not even for history’s most popular synths.

If Steinberg can’t be bothered, they should at least provide a section on this forum where kind members could share their own. Not everyone has the time/expertise to program Device Panel Maps.