Device Panels Midi/SysEx Receive?


I just purchased an Oberheim Matrix1000 and the best computer interface I’ve found for it so far is a Device Panel by CyKong ( However, I’ve tried to find a way for it to receive midi/SysEx information from the synth but so far without any luck. While setting up the Device Panel it seems it can only send midi out and not receive any (I’m speaking generally about all device panels here). Can this really be? This means you can never see what value ie. the filter cutoff is at when loading a new patch since the interface doesn’t pick up on any parameter. Without a workaround I guess Device Panels really can’t be used for anything at all. I should say I’ve read the manual and searched online but can’t find a straight answer to whether or not receiving midi/sysex is possible.

Hope I’ve overlooked something - please let me know.

All the best,