Device Panels

Hi all, I hope you’re all keeping safe.

I’ve been creating Device Panels for some outboard I have, it’s been a fun experience :slight_smile:

Can anybody tell me if it’s possible to have all 3 size formats of Device Panel for a single device, just depending on where in Cubase I access it (General, Inspector, Channel Strip)

I can create any one of the 3 types for a device, but if I create an Inspector sized panel, it’s too small if I click on the corresponding External FX plugin, and if I create a General sized panel, I then cannot open it in Inspector view etc.

Is there a way to assign the 3 panels types to a single device?

Thanks guys!

It’s been a while I’ve looked into it. I suppose, you’d have to create three subnodes for a node (i.e., MIDI channel) each with its own set of parameters and a different type of panel (general vs inspector vs channel strip).

Thanks for your reply

Here is what I’ve been attempting, but I can’t get whatever Inspector Panel I make to appear in Inspector on the MIDI channel for the device, it is always blank.

Hey, you got me there Buddy thanks!

I just had to export and re-import it and it worked, thanks again!

Glad to hear it worked out for you. The pic looks cool, too. I find the inspector panel looks better if no background is applied to it. That way the panel assumes the Inspector’s background color and looks a tad more “finished.” It’s also a bit more future-proof in case Cubase gets a new skin in the future as the panel will adapt to the changes automatically.