Device problem

anyone on here use cubase 7 and reason 8 together ? i have a rewire program to with the cubase device .

what info do you need to have to help fix this problem ?

What is the problem?

Have you used it before?

You just start cubase first and start the other program as a rewire device then turn it on in cubase under devices.

As I remember…

Both cubase and reason work on there own but not together

do you need any more information to help solve the problem ?

Do you hear the audio from Reason inside of Cubase?

Cubase is already running when you boot up Reason?

So you push play in cubase and reason just sits still?

I’ve never used Reason but I used to use Acid as my drum editor in cubase via rewire.

Cubase and reason both have the same audio interface setup?

I just used to start Cubase then Acid, turn it on in devices like your picture shows and acid would play when I press play in cubase.

There may be more to it in Reason though:

Found this in a quick search: