Device set up


I’m running Cubase 4 and have recently upgraded to windows 10. I see there are known problems with Cubase and Windows 10 and realise I may have to upgrade once Steinberg sorts out the problems with 10.

However, the device set up also seems to need resetting and perhaps someone can help me with this. I have an external Focusrite Saffire LE and have downloaded ASIO4v2 which worked on Windows 7. In Cubase, which should I be selecting as the audio device, Safire LE or Asio4V2?


I’m sorry but Cubase 4 has been discontinued for many years and is not designed for Windows 10 (or Windows 7/8). That said, I’d suggest using the Saffire driver on Windows XP or Vista, or upgrading to Cubase Pro 8 (which is supported for Windows 7/8 currently).

Thanks for the advice Chris. I did have Cubase 4 running fine on Windows 7. Unfortunately I don’t seem to be able to go back to Windows 7 now despite what Microsoft say about that. I might well uograde to Cubase 8 once you have fixed the compatibility issues with Windows 10.

It is possible that Cubase 4 would run on Windows 7, but it is not officially supported. I expect when we have an update on Cubase Pro 8 it will be on