Device Setup big gray Not small Black - win 10

the device setup is older and does recognize usb nput either, can adjust latency on things :question: :exclamation: it was fine before i bought it.

:question: HElP

We will need more information to help. Please add your system specifications to your signature (including the version and build of Cubase you are using, Operating System, CPU, RAM, and Audio Interface).

What USB device are you trying to select? Can you post a screen shot of what you are seeing?

using: Windows 10 Home

Operating system: 64-bit,x64-based processor

processor: AMD A8-SS4SM APU with Raedon HD Graphics 1.70GHz

version and build: Cubase Elements 8 with the 8.0.40 update.

the trial worked fine, but since i paid for and installed the full version i have 3 things that do not function.

  1. BEFORE when i would enter Device setup/VST Audio System/Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver…then clicked on Control Panel at the top, i would get a smaill black control panel with many ways to adjust latency etc.
    NOW the box is big and gray and you have one bar that says " small nedium large" to adjust latency.

  2. it no longer recognizes usb soundcard input only as an output in that big gray box which i used to record beautiful stereo audio for movie scores and songs. this is my only profession and its important.

  3. under the Edit tab at the top of the main work area… the first option is Process…the second should be Plugins. Here is where i would enter the Plugins list and process a plugins effect so i could save my processers and further edit a sound file. there is no Plugins showing under the Edit tab. I’ve had a release deadline and i have a movie score to work on. this is very upseting. i appreciate your time and input on this matter.

I began with in the late nineties with cakwalk, sonar, cubase then got heavy with nuendo products. , For these past years i only used Nuendo 4 but after a crash i had to get new software and was caught at a bad time financially but had work to do. that old build seemed light years ahead of Cubase elements 8. i definitely appreciate your urgency.

What is the USB audio device you are using? Does it have a dedicated ASIO driver? While we do not officially support devices that do not have a dedicated ASIO driver, I would suggest trying the free driver from to see if that will see the device you are using.

Cubase Elements 8 is the entry level version, whereas Nuendo 4 was the top of the line, so I would expect Nuendo 4 to have more features than CE8. Cubase Elements 8 does not include offline processing for plugins. That is a feature in Cubase Pro 8.5.