Device Setup & Inactive ports

Trying to get Cubase Essentials 5 to work with RME Babyface/Totalmix FX.
Went to their forum and I think the Totalmix is all setup. I am getting sound coming out, but I can’t record it. I haven’t had this problem with other devices. In the Device Setup the correct driver is selected and the outputs are active, but no inputs are active and I don’t know how to activate them. Also, under Control Panel option, if I try to change the names to “use core audio channel names” it deactivates the Out’s that are active. I guess I’ll not worry about the names.

How can I get Cubase to recognize the In’s and activate them so I can actually record something? This really should be simpler.

It is that simple, that they get active automatically, as soon as you connect them to a bus, as expkained inthe getting started manual

Thanks for the obvious advice. I miss the obvious a lot. I must have missed the Getting Started Manual. Never seen it before.
Unfortunately it didn’t say anything about how to create a bus. Just said, “once you’ve created the busses…”
So, that didn’t help. Everything mentioned in it I already know and have done.
I did find a simple article online that explained it in a simple fashion. My bus was already connected. I removed it and reconnected it. Now have audio on the right side only. It comes through both speakers, but only shows up on the right side visually in Cubase.

It does - Seems you missed that again…

Then there seems to be something wrong in your setup.

Found my answer in the link below in the last post. Same thing I went through. Only problem now is even though the sound is getting into cubase when I record it isn’t actually recording anything.

I must have :smiley: They sure don’t make it easy to understand. Still haven’t seen any remotely clear directions in either the getting started manual or the operation manual. But I did find another answer in another forum. And I clicked lots of different buttons in Cubase which I find to be the best way to figure it out. Process of elimination. I never knew you have to assign each track to a bus. Been using Cubase since 2004 and never had to do any of this stuff, everything just worked. So, I finally have a signal recorded. Thanks for the input.