Device Setup options

Hi all,

I’m using the Lemur app on the iPad to help with accessing Nuendo features. However, I can’t seem to find the correct associations in Device Setup that allow me to access the EQ type (I am able to access Gain, Freq and Q). I also can’t figure out how to access the Lo-Cut and Hi-Cut filters. Anyone able to do this?

And while I’m at it, because I’m having Lemur talk to Nuendo via MIDI, I’m not able to get a center pan. Because of the MIDI standard of using 0-127, center pan is at 63.5 which is not a valid MIDI value. Anyone know if there is way around this?

Darren “MIDIchlorian” Ingram

I guess the force isn’t with you then?


EQ Type, not sure.

Filters…Access a quick control then assign that quick control to a filter parameter.
This is a workaround and should be addressed soon I hope.

Pan…I use the generic remote and had a similar issue.
I had to change the “max value” setting to 30.
Not sure if this will apply in your situation though.

OK, I’ve been doing more mapping of Control Room features to Lemur.

I’ve set up 3 Cue sends. I’m able to map to my Lemur on iPad the ability to control Talkback Enable and Talkback Send level. What I cannot find is the ability to control Click Enable and Click Send Level for each cue send.

Is this unavailable?


Darren “Puttin’ the NO in metronome” Ingram

I also can’t find access to the Cue Sends for a selected track. Does anyone know how to do this?


Darren “Cueless” Ingram