"Device Setup" Settings Aren't Holding

I’ve changed a few things in my MIDI setup and Mackie Controller settings but every time I restart Cubase the settings reset. Notice that in my Mackie Control nothing is connected on the In/Out. I can connect a device and hit apply and “OK” but it will reset at next start. Same with hidden and active MIDI devices. (See Attached).

I’m sure I’m missing something simple. I’ve played with the Profile Manager but that doesn’t seem to help. I’d love to find an answer to this! :open_mouth:

You are using a Mackie or controller with MCU protocol? Then when you re-start Cubase everything resets?

What you describe is not right at all. I would restart Cubase in safe mode, or completely trash preferences and let Cubase re-build.

Just bought a new Komplete Kontrol S88 so I’m trying to set it up. Yes and every time I restart it resets.