Device setup settings

I recently had to reinstall Nuendo on my new computer. Unable to see what settings I was using (and worked) on my old computer. I use the RME Babyface. Trying to figure out what device setup settings to use under Vst audio system > Vst system link

Also what driver should I be using? Generic low latency ASIO driver?

Audio buffer size?

And should I check “Allow ASIO host application to take exclusive control of selected port configuration”?


Most probably you don’t have to use any VST System Link. System Link is useful if you want to connect and sync 2 computers with Cubase/Nuendo running.

In the VST Audio System, select RME ASIO driver.

The latency is driving me crazy. If I set it to 10 ms then the sound clicks and pops. I set it to 20 ms and the clicks and pops stop but then I have to keep dragging files that I just recorded backwards.

Here’s my current settings…
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In any case please deactivate VST System Link, please. Wow, 20ms with such a great Audio Device as RME is?! That sound really weird.