Device Setup\Track/Instrument Quick Controls\MIDI Output - QCs don't pass data to output when controlled w/ MIDI

It’s strange that Quick Controls will only send data to the Device Setup\Quick Controls\MIDI Output if controlled via mouse. If you control the same Quick Control with a hardware MIDI knob or fader that is assigned to the QC, it doesn’t pass along data to the output.


Can you write a step by step description, please?

And maybe attach some screenshots of your settings?

-Set up your controller to control the quick controls in the input
-set up an output for your Quick Controls to send DATA to something else
-Go to a track with quick controls present and activated
-with your mouse, click and drag a quick control and it should be sending MIDI data out the output you set
-Now instead of your mouse to control that QC, use the controller you had set input to control that same QC.
—You will see, nothing goes to the output while controlling the QC with the controller. Only mouse control of QC will result in output data.


Yes, I can confirm.

When you record the QC automation and then play it back, the data is sent to the MIDI Out again.

Yes, it would be nice to be able to forward to output live while controlling the QCs with faders.


I’m just afraid you could easily get to a MIDI loop then. Because most often case probably is, you send the data back to the same hardware device, you receive it from.

What is your use case? Hey do you need it so?

Hmmm, there’s no MIDI output going to the controller though. Not sure where I would get a loop happening.

A few uses,
1.) I’m wanting to record MIDI control of QCs to MIDI tracks, thus using an internal loopback software.
2.) Wanting to forward this MIDI control of QCs simultaneously to other places, my laptop for instance.
ie, wanting to match certain things to my QC manipulation in real-time


Can you then route the sleeve MIDI data from your hardware controller to other destination in the MIDI loop software?

I do have workaround yes, but these workarounds may not always be available to me.