Device Setup Window Resizing


I think this is a design bug coming from earlier versions of Cubase and I’d be grateful if you forwarded to the developers.

When the “Device Setup” window is resized, the components do not follow. See attachment.

The window behaviour I would expect the UI to support:

  1. The lists should be automatically adjusted in width and the buttons should remain close to the right edge, as the window is resized,

  2. On closing the window, Cubase should automatically save its size and location.

  3. When opening the “Device Setup” window, Cubase should automatically check if the current screen resolution allows for the last used window size and location; if yes, then the window should reopen at the same location and size (as previously set); if not, the window size should revert back to default location and size.

I hope you find the above helpful with further improving Cubase.

Thank you.
Device Setup.png