Devices> MIDI Port Setup 'System Names' Mysteries!

Could anyone elucidate the Port System Names and DirectMusic and Windows MIDI devices?

Since I’ve added 2 Midex8s to my Win7 x64 system a lot of odd things seem to have happened.

I recognize that this may be virgin territory, as the very much appreciated ‘unofficial/ unsupported’ x64 drivers for the Midex8 and 3 are recently released by some magnanimous Steinberg tech.

But on the chance that this is a known issue from x86 setups, I’m asking.

First, all the Midex8 ports show up in midi device manager both as DirectMusic (apparently a Steinberg proprietary system) and as Windows MIDI. In otherwords, duplicated So far so good. But then all of the sudden I boot and the named midi port goes from, for an example, ‘Midex8 1’ to ‘noname.’ Not all lose their MIDI port names, just some.

‘Noname’ still works, but it is difficult figuring out how to use it along with 3 or 4 other ‘nonames!’

I have another dozen or so MIDI devices that show up in Windows MIDI only … about 6 hardware and another 6 virtual.

I would like to keep them all, as they do have different and useful functions.

Is Cubase dropping the names of the DirectMusic ones because it’s ‘overloaded?’ The name dropping doesn’t seem to effect the same Device under Windows MIDI: they keep their names properly.

I did ‘fix’ this, for the time being, anyway, by uninstalling/ reinstalling the device drivers. The names came back … but I don’t want to have to be doing this very often.

Any one know anything about this issue?



This is 5 years old and no response to this problem. I actually have the same problem.

Does anyone know the answer?


Figures, the minute I get a little snippy I figure it out. If anyone cares let me know.


Yes!!! Yes!!! Yes!!! I do care! A lot!

I have 6 Midex8 units in my cubase 8.5 / Win 7 setup tied to a whole bunch of modules and synths. But it’s rendered virtually unusable because Cubase keeps messing up the names and overlooking ports. I also keep ending up with a bunch of “nonames” and I can’t spend more than an hour every day on naming 48 inputs and 48 outputs while figuring out which noname goes with which synth just to see it disappear 99 times out of a 100 the moment I turn my computer off.

So if you do have a solution… you would absolutely make my day!!! (and I really really hope you get a heads up about this post being edited! :slight_smile:)