Devices Tab missing on trial version of Elements 9

Hi Everybody, my first paste so please bear with me. I downloaded a trial version of Elements last eveming and am trying to set up my Quad Capture Interface. On a tutorial video the version the tutor is using has a devices tab on the top bar but it doesn’t appear on my version and I can’t find it anywjhere else. Does this mean audio is not supported on the trial version Thankyou for taking the time to read this, I look forward to some feed back.

Neil Gray

I have managed to find the option for setting up my audio interface so this post no longer applies. Thanks for your time

Neil Gray

It has changed in 9.5 something we all need to adjust to :slight_smile:

Hello Neil, mind sharing how you figured out how to set it up? I’m having the same issue, can’t find any tutorials to set up an audio interface without the devices tab. Thanks!