Devices that can be used to send PLE and macro commands to Cubase


I strongly recommand TouchOSC. It’s cross-platform, and very powerfull. Quite easy to set up if you just need a few buttons, but you can also script it and make a huge controller.



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I just have to find an old cheap iPad for that AVID controller. Thanks for the heads up, @The_Elf !

Is this a free tool?

Completely free. You have to sign up, but then you download and you’re in.

Quite honestly, if you have an iPad you should try it. If this cost I’d pay it!

Avid Control

Just make sure you follow that guy’s YouTube set up guide.

SOS User Review

Sweet! Will try it then. Hope that on my super old Ipad4 it will works :slight_smile:

Touch portal - it’s great, as already mentioned I’m surprised not to hear it mentioned more here. My favourite thing about it is I now have a way to remotely control cubase transport controls/record, stop etc whilst I’m in my cupboard away from pc recording vocals - no more running backwards and forwards! :smiley:

What about for the guy on Android who always has trouble setting stuff up? (Asking for a friend :smile:).

Even though i have an Android device (Surface 6 Pro PC), if there is any significant set up involved with Touch*, I would spend a little money to buy an old iPad to use the AVID product, since it sounds so simple.

(*Touch Osc, Touch Portal: Both have been recommended on this thread - are they the same product?)

Touch Osc and Touch Portal are the different products.

Looks like Avid Control runs on Android too (I’m told).

I may have been mistaken there… When i tried to download the AVID app, it did not recognize the Surface Pro 6 as an Android device.

Maybe it’s more like a computer in tablet form than an Android device …?

This is not an Android device. Surface Pro 6 os - Google Search

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Right, thanks.

Found an old iPad lying around. Was all excited to load Avid, but now that I’ve got Elephant plus Surface Dial clicking, I’m trying to figure out if there’s much incremental benefit to “bringing that into the mix”, so to speak.