Devices/VSTconnections... Outputs

I have Cubase 5. The problem is that very often when I open the software and I go to some of the recent projects, I see that the output can be only on one channel - so I need to go to Devices/VstConnections and to adjust the right channel for its own. Otherwise it keeps the same setting for both sides, which means I can hear only one channel (usually left).

Sometimes I get an error that there’s no Output selected at all (already when I am starting the project again).

Is it because I have an external USB audio interface, and I am often unplugging that during the day (but not when Cubase is on)? Can I fix this so that the Outputs would be always well selected every time when I am opening the project again?

screenshots here

I think your issue is that when enabling control room that becomes the output so there is no need for a bus going to the regular output tab. Disable the audio connections in the output tab and run strictly off the control room. Tip: There’s something comes out the left channel it means it is only outputting in mono.

well, even if I have both enabled, it doesn’t really connect to this issue. usually they are both disconnected (just in that screenshot): only one channel playing (left).
but sometimes, they are both fine, I can start to play normally. Because of that, it’s difficult to find the logic behind this issue.

  • another issue, sometimes when I open the project, it says In/out Unmapped! all was fine when had the project last time open & saved, but some random times that unmapped nonsense jumps in… see here: