devilloc deluxe -> "cubase has stopped working"

bought soundtoys bundle on the black friday sale. plugs load and work fine.

yesterday i added an instance of the devilloc deluxe to a project and when i tried to load the project after a break i got “cubase has stopped working” every time.
had to hide the .dll to stop cubase from loading it, remove the “missing insert” and resave the project to move on. ofc now i wont use it again until solved.

tried running cubase as administrator - as suggested on soundtoys faq - with no luck. anyone got another suggestions?
best regards

ps specs as in sig

Sorry I don’t have any suggestions but I can tell you that I use Devil Loc Deluxe with no issues (Bought it in the Black Friday sale as well actually). I’m on Win8.1 64Bit though, with Cubase 8.5 64Bit.

Does this happen with all projects, or just this specific one?

My system Cubase 8.5 Win7 64bit has also some problems with Soundtoys plugins.When I built a file - I have to put a Soundtoys Plugg in the first few tracks - then everything is working fine. If I forget it and built a big file with UADs, AD2, Omnisphere and more pluggies and then I add a Soundtoys Plugg in the end - I get a BEX64 crash, when I reload it.
I don´t know why this happens.

Even though I also have problems with my UAD bx_digital V2 and XLN Addictive Drums 2.

The other UADs and Omnisphere are ok.

My pluggs are all 64s. And on 8.0.30 everything is working!!!
So Cubase 8.5 is not fully compatible to all pluggies.

I have soundtoys 5 complete bundle here and from my perspective it’s their most stable release ever!
The rhythm editor in cyrstalizer (i think) would lock up and freeze cubase in previous versions but that’s’ gone with the new tweak menus…
So far i’ve had zero issues with them… even with heavy automation in the rack, i use a LOT of uad2 plugins too, again with no issues other than last time i checked the legacy fairchild could be a bit iffy…
To the OP, did you install the devilloc plugin as admin? i’ve found it can cause issues on my system if i don’t install as admin… hth!

…Another thought, have you installed the iLok manager as admin too?.. iLok can be iffy on some systems it seems.

i didnt install either soundtoys bundle or ilok software as an admin.
i added the plugin now to another track and this time it worked. either its an intermittent bug or a bug dependant on some unknown factors.
im crossing my fingerns now and wil report back if it happens again and/or if i find out whats the problem.

ive had this for 1.5 years now on and off and it brought me to the point of considering stopping using soundtoys.
ive had contact with their support (which btw is the worst support ive ever been in copntact with) with no result.

the best way of reducing the chance for this to happen i found to be putting the soundtoys plugin in the topmost slot of the insert chain.
this i picked up somewhere on the internet from others having the same problem (allthough soundtoys support claims im the first to ever this problem).