@devs: Preset Browser Custom template - bugs and troubles

  • How can I connect a Preset Browser Custom template with the main GUI script?
    Connecting the PBC template with a MIDI script module works by leaving the “Scope” field empty. This doesn’t work with the GUI script, even if they are on same hierarchy level. But shouldn’t this work?

  • The only way I found to communicate between the UI script and a PBC template is via the undocumented PBC internal parameters “@SubPresetSelectedPath” and “@SubPresetName”. This way I only receive a selected path, and I can use it with “loadPreset” script command. But I cannot return data to PBC to save as preset like in “scope” mode, and there is no “savePreset” script command to do it via script. So it is not possible to save presets out of a GUI script?

  • Would you please document all “hidden” PBC internal parameters as you did with other templates?

  • BUG: Before Halion 6.1.10 the PBC template read/wrote to sub presets folder defined in field “Load From”. Since Halion 6.1.10 the same configuration reads/writes to “…\Sub Presets{module name}_0GIHOL6L62ICKRMG2DJE74V450”. This only happens in “non scope mode”, when I use PBC just to receive a selected path (like the sample selector in Skylab for example). I assume this is a bug, since the “Load From” template parameter now has no effect anymore. So unfortunately all my past programs with a PBC template are unuseable now.

The template parameters of the Preset Browser Custom template like “Load From” do not read inputs from variables, although there are dedicated variable selection menus.

This strange behaviour of template parameters appears pretty much often in various places. Basically a logical concept, unfortunately inconsistently implemented. Just like with the “scope” concept. Makes me want to tear my hair out too often…