DGM - Full Circle [Uplifting/Melodic Dance Music]

New original song of mine which I just released with Swedish record label Macarize. I hope you enjoy :slight_smile: Feedback welcome



It’s a shame that you’ve had no replies to this as it is one of the best dance tracks on the forum, if not the best. I’m afraid I’ve been absent for several months, but I’m glad that I caught up with this track.
All done in Steinberg, I hope :slight_smile:
The intro is very Above & beyond, as are lots of the side chained parts. Use of filters is lovely. The piano is a lot warmer than many uplifting tracks and it works perfectly. Like the variation in the kick pattern, but perhaps that’s just glitched/sidechained or filtered out from time to time.
Overall I just love it and many of your other tracks on Soundcloud (going to listen to more soon).

I love the variety of music genres on this site and especially admire the guitarists, pianists, saxophonists, vocalists etc etc, but there is lots of room for well crafted tracks like this. All genres are formulaic (blues, trance and so on) but I love how you’ve engineered this one.
More please