I’ve recently bought the Yamaha MOXF8 which came with a license for Cubase AI 7. I install & updated to Cubase AI 8, I have registered this software in My Steinberg site as well. However now I am returning my MOXF8 ( for Kronos), I have uninstalled the Cubase but I don’t know how to cancel the Cubase Activation on the My Steinberg site as it is registered. My laptop operating system is Windows 10/ 64-bit Now I Uninstall Cubase AI 8 in system. But My Steinberg site Cubase ai8 is still Active Please guide me on how to deactivate it? Thanks


Follow this wizard, please.

Thanks for replying but Please note this is not Resale. I’ve return Yamaha MOXF keyboard to the store where it was bought from but you send me the link for Cubase Resale which I don’t need.
I want to cancel the Cubase eLicenser so whoever buys the Moxf doesn’t have any problems.


I see. In this case the local support has to do this for you, to free the license.