Diagnosis: Heart Breakdown

More Neofolk than the previous album, this set will probably include only English texts.
Here is the first track I made for “Wasted Youth”.

I put myself in scene of a consultation with a psychologue in this song. Hope you’ll like it… and it’s still pretty much underground.

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Very dark…very original…good work my friend.

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Thank you knmack681, I really appreciate your comment, glad that you liked it.

I’m diggin’ the vibe on this one! Emotion is something to “feel” rather than “understand” at times … :sunglasses:.

A very pleasant sounding mix, for sure.

Thank you Scab_Pickens

Glad it pleases you :slight_smile:

And I shall definitively invest in a voice recording mic next week. Recording myself on my cellphone is ridiculously low quality, even if I articulate.

It’s crazy to me that you are getting that good of results producing in that manner!

You will be dangerous (in a good way) with better gear.

Or you will lose your unique sound and voice and blend in with everyone else. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This is the first of your tracks I have listened to. Some of the freshest sounds I have heard in a while. I’ll have to check out some of your other tracks.

By the way, my father’s name is Kenneth. I don’t hear that name very often anymore. Maybe because of the whole Barbie thing … :smile:

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Haha. Yeah Kenneth is not an usual name, especially when your family members use the shorten version Ken. In fact Kenneth is my middle name, my first name is Ryan but I don’t like it and there is also this more intimate feeling with the middle name of mine because I always been called Ken except for “official” business.

We’ll see if I’ll keep my voice sound with the mic I’ll get, anyway I don’t want to blend into the mainstream style, I don’t litteraly sing, it’s more spoken words, if you listen to my first album, that I welcome you to listen, “Sur les Monts Maronites” where there are 5 songs with lyrics you’ll see.

I contacted a jazz pianist/singer I know, we will surely do a collab, maybe as Le Cas Wagner featuring her, or as a new whole project, time will tell us… :slight_smile:

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