Diagnostic Report for Three Odd Issues

I’ve had three odd issues that may be related. I am attaching a Diagnostic Report.

  1. (Main Problem). Whenever I change the Playback Template from NotePerformer to VSL SYzd Special Edition Vol 1-2 PLUS, the Play button in the Transport becomes inactive. I used to be able to play scores with VSL, but no more. Sometimes this locks up Dorico and I have to restart it.
  2. Sometimes (using NotePerformer) the Piccolo is incredibly loud. It took a while, but I found out I can fix this by going to Play, opening the NP mixer, and then closing it without changing anything. This is inconvenient because I have to check all audio exports and often have to regenerate them. Note: This may not be limited to Piccolo. It may affect whichever instrument is at the top of the score.
  3. Sometimes Dorico hangs up when I open it with the message: “Audio Engine Died.” This is not a major problem, but it could shed some light on the other two.

Thank you.
Dorico Diagnostics.zip (1.2 MB)

I will have a look at the diagnostics tomorrow morning (UTC +2).

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Regarding 1.), the Dorico log shows e.g. following:

2023-10-15 13:16:02.968 [info] Executing command: Play.ApplyPlaybackTemplate
2023-10-15 13:16:13.745 [info] Posting command (requested): Play.ApplyPlaybackTemplate PlaybackTemplateID=playbacktemplate.user.vsl_syzd_special_edition_vol_12_plus
2023-10-15 13:16:13.932 [info] notifyPostCommandExecute: Play.ApplyPlaybackTemplate (10963 ms)
2023-10-15 13:16:13.932 [info] Executing command: Play.ApplyPlaybackTemplate?PlaybackTemplateID=playbacktemplate.user.vsl_syzd_special_edition_vol_12_plus
2023-10-15 13:16:13.932 [info] Applying playback template playbacktemplate.user.vsl_syzd_special_edition_vol_12_plus, (full)
2023-10-15 13:16:13.934 [warning] Can't find a template spec or endpoint config for routing this instrument

So Dorico can’t find a template spec or endpoint config. How this can be, I don’t know… Maybe @dspreadbury can shed some light on here.
2.) Don’t know, but this appears to me more like a NotePerformer issue. Can you reproduce this with a small or reduced project? Then, could you please post such project here?
3.) Your diagnostics just contain 1 dump file from the audio engine, and that dump is a freeze dump, i.e. the audio engine may not respond because it is stuck or deadlocked, but it did not crash.
If you get that “Audio Engine Died” message again, please create a new diagnostics and also post here. Thanks