Diagonal line automation in MIDI CC lanes?

It is important for these parameters to be controlled in a flow-like ascending/descending motion, yet by default Cubase snaps a horizontal line to a quantize point. In Logic Pro X, two points are always connected by a diagonal line, and that makes sense. What is the workaround for Cubase?

Use the “line tool”

… while Snap is switched off :wink:

:smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, but that’s too many steps for such an intuitive MIDI need.
You have to deal with switching on/off line tool, switching on/off snap, etc.

It should be two clicks - one for the starting point, and one for the ending point - and they should be connected linearly. The line tool creates many points when there should only be two, making editing the CC data more involved (i.e, having to drag-select all the points instead of simply clicking one of the ‘bookend’ points and adjusting that only).

Is there really no efficient way of accomplishing this? Again, Logic Pro X works in this way, and I’m unsure how Cubase’s configuration is more beneficial.

Well! No one is saying otherwise.