Dial in Track or Bar Number

I have always thought the Numeric keypad was being severely under-used! Besides wanting more than just 9 marker points (1 - 9 is all you get currently. We could at least get more by using the decimal point and or any of the modifyer keys. ie 1.1 = marker 11 or Alt + 0 = 10), I would very much like to be able to dial in to a specific track or location.

IE: I’m on track 6 and I want to go to track 91. I would like to hit Ctrl + 91 and jump right to that track OR if I’m at measure 22 and want to go to bar 106, I could hit Shift + 106 and jump right to that measure.

The feature already exists within Nuage,if you have the hardware. It would be nice to have this ability via the QWERTY keyboard directly.


The Nuage controller would probably use a separate protocol so just “porting” it over to QWERTY might not be that “simple”.

For moving to a specific location, maybe try assigning the command “input position” to a key? Works for me.


How, exactly, does that work?

I have the keypad period assigned to the command. Hit it and the location field is selected in the transport bar. I type in the location (I usually use seconds or timecode, but bars and beats work as well). When the location’s input, hit “enter”, and you’re transported to that location. I use it hundreds of times per project.


Thanks, that ws a great tip! :mrgreen: So, now all I need is a way to dial in the track. :sunglasses:

Dial track:

Are you guys not finding the Find Track function useful?

It’s not as fast as being able to dial in “track 26.” It just opens a window and then you have to scroll through the menu (and open sub menus, if the tracks are grouped) to select the track. If you have to scroll anyway, why bother opening the window? You can just scroll directly to the track. But the “Dial In” function is VERY EFFICIENT. Just hit the track select key and dial in the number. I’d rather have that. :wink:

…and typing in the name, or a partial name? I only mention it because your post doesn’t.

Yeah that’s true. You type in a partial name, then the menus come down, and you still have to go through a list to get to the one you wanted. Worse, you can’t even leave all of the folders open. So, you have to repeat the process every time. You might as well just use the mouse to directly scroll to the track you wanted.