Dialog box hides in ARA mode…

Yes, and it is quite annoying.

I use SL10 as an ARA extension in Cubase 12 and Nuendo 12, with the Cubase Project window on one screen and SL10 on another screen (Cubase’s mixer is under SL10 on that screen).

When calling up a process, may it be Unmix, Noise reduction or whatever, the dialog window shows up on top of SL10 like it should. But if I click outside this dialog box, elsewhere in SL10, the dialog box disappears. I can find it under SL10 (on top of the Cubase mixer window), if I grab and slide the whole SL10 aside.
A workaround is to, whenever a process is chosen, remember to drag that dialog window outside of SL10, i.e. to the other screen where my Cubase Project window is, and operate it from there. Which I of course forget to do every time.

It is like if in stand alone mode the dialog box would hide behind SL10 if I pointed outside that box, e.g. if I wanted to make selections in the main window - but in stand alone mode this doesn’t happen.

A small issue but still annoying.
I suspect that Cubase sort of dictates how the window handling in SL10 is performed, just like it dictates that key commands in SL10 (like Command-z or Backspace) don’t work but lead out from SL10 to Cubase.

Is there a way to fix this?

Thanks for reporting, I’ll see what can be done to help with that.

@Marshall fix will be in patch 2

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Wow, thanks!
Approximately when is it due? Summer or fall?