Dialog box shortcut question

Hey guys, happy new year!

I’m trying to figure out if there would be a way to create a button in my Elgato Stream Deck to add a track to a project with a specific preset or instrument (since I’m under the impression that macros can’t navigate inside Cubase windows or select specific fields in some dialog boxes). To do so, I’d like to know if once you open the “add track” window (or add track from preset) in Cubase 10 there would be a shortcut or keystroke combination to switch from the upper zone of the dialog box (icons for the track type) to the lower zone (where the parameters/popup menus are located).

Solving this could be the key to also program applescripts or stream deck macros to directly open peconfigured track with everything already set (the instrument, its inserts and so on).

If you know an answer to this one, I’d be really happy to know how to do this very simple action with keyboard only.


Unfortunately the new Add Track dialog is not very good operable via computer keyboard. There is no way, how to switch from the upper part, to the lower part, of the window. At the other hand, there is a dedicated command to Add Track > Audio, or Add Track > Audio Mono. Then you don’t have to switch. But here again, not much to do. The Track Name field is active and you can type the new name. But you can’t go thru the other options by using only the computer keyboard and set them up.