Dialog window behind Project Assistant

When trying to change the location in Project Assistant (creating new project) in the Use default location the dialog window opens behind the Project Assistant.

Can’t seem to get it upfront.

Give a step by step repro and at least list Cubase version and what o/s.

Works fine here but maybe you’re doing something different.

Hi Grim,

Thanks for your reply.
I’m working with Cubase 8.0.5-64 bit on windows 8.1.

What I’m doing is File > New Project.
In de the Project Assistant that opens I want to change the path of my ‘User default location’ by clicking on the present path.
The ‘Set default location’ dialog opens but it’s hidden behind the Project Assistant, so I can’t choose the path.
(I know it’s open because when I hoofer the icon I can see it.)

Maybe a win 8.1 issue then as it’s working perfectly for me.

Have you tried the other “prompt for project folder location” or whatever it’s called setting…does this also open behind the assistant? (on new project creation)

Yes tried that, works ok. (Assistant closes then so I can see the prompt)
In Cubase 7.5 I had no problem.
But In 8 no way… :frowning:

Found a solution. :slight_smile:
By pressing Windows knob + arrow right (or left) the prompt gets maximized for half screen and is accessible.