Dialog windows off-screen... ???

Somehow I’ve ended up with a rather annoying situation where the various dialog boxes are now off to the top right of my screen… e.g. the warnings alert box at start up, export file-overwrite warnings etc etc. They’re all non-resizable windows and their title bars are completely off-screen so I can’t drag them. The only work around at the moment is to momentarily change my screen resolution which forces them to sit at the top-right, but inside the boundaries of the screen, so I can then move them to a more convenient position. But this unfortunately doesn’t resolve the problem permanently as the dialogs return to the default off-screen position next time they are invoked. :confused:

Any ideas?

Hey Ian, how goes it? Trashing Prefs would be my first approach.

Yeah…seems to be the ‘first approach’ for most things! :slight_smile:

I’m getting this too since upgrading to C6, usually with plug-ins…something seems to have changed in the way Cubase is managing windows.

I ended up installing this freeware which works around it without too much intrusion.


With Plugs or other windows that can be set to Always On Top, un-checking that make them accessable.

Ahh… looks like a handy wee tool. Cheers!