dialog windows partly off screen

I have a serious problem using cubase.

I use cubase on my laptop and on my desktop. The desktop is no problem, but the laptop has a rather small screen with max resolution 1366 x 768.

On the laptop, quite some dialog windows of cubase run off the screen, which means that the most essential buttons - which are mostly placed at the lowest side of the dialog - are often unreachable and thus unusable. The top bar is then at the complete top of my screen, and the dialog spans the complete hight of the screen, but the lower parts of dialog are unreachable because they are below the bottom of my screen.

For example the export audio mixdown dialog is completely useless for me, because I cannot reach the “export” and “cancel” button place at the bottom of the window.

Any tips how I can solve this?


This is an known issue. The resolution you have is the minimal one. But You must no have Start line shown. If you hide the Start line, you can reach the Export button.

Btw, Export Audio Mixdown window is completely redesigned in Cubase 10. This issue is solved by the redesign.

I have the same problem, but with more than one dialog window, for example the Steinberg Hub - the very first dialog box every time you open Cubase! It took me two weeks to figure out that I could tab to the buttons I couldn’t see, and another week to figure out how to hide the Start line.
But there’s a lot of windows I still can’t use correctly.
This wouldn’t be a problem if the dialog windows were reshapeable. Let the user drag the size! Check with Windows or iOS how they did it, they only invented it like 30 years ago or so…