Dialogs makes Cubase dive behind other programs

I think this is a new Cubase 10.5 behavior?
I a lot of dialogs and boxes when I am done editing them I hit Enter or whatever the dialog says to get back to Cubasing.

  • POP * :astonished:
    Cubase seems gone but it’s behind other programs like it lost the focus in Windows but it’s curable by ALT+TAB.
    Although it’s getting tedious to say the least.

Is it me or is it Cubase, and has anyone else seen this behavior.

Sorry you’re having this issue – it doesn’t happen here to me.

Thanks! Better to know than to guess. Now I at least know someone else does NOT have this issue. Hmmm …

I can confirm this behaviour. Doesnt happens always, but when confirming open prefrence windows or prese popup windows cubase looses focus and gets hidden behind other open applications.

v10.5 (doesnt happen in v10.0x)

One of those things that Windows are behind other windows, happens a lot of times.
It’s confusing and annoying.

Look what we found! Too bad it’s bad news.

Reviving this old thread… Was this ever fixed? Recently upgraded to Cubase 10.5 from Cubase 9 and keep on having this problem with lost focus of Cubase after simple confirming operations within the DAW. Interestingly, not all operations, though - and not every time. Can’t understand what triggers this behavior…

No! I still have the same issues!

I haven’t looked too close but it’s not much of a panic roaring through the forum either, even though it’s annoying enough for that to happen, so I start to suspect there might be some other issue we simply just don’t see.
We see Cubase disappearing behind the next topmost program but what does that really mean?
Is it actually a Cubase issue or is it e.g. some settings in Windows that makes this silly behavior possible?
Now it MIGHT be but I have only ever experienced this in Cubase and only for the last couple of versions soooo … I’m not letting Cubase off the hook in any way!

Can someone seeing this give a step-by-step on how to reproduce it?

I don’t think I’ve ever had this occur.

You can reproduce this reliably by opening the export dialog, entering a file-name, opening the mp3 dialog where you enter meta data, selecting a genre, closing that dialog, and then reopening it and changing the genre. Closing the dialog after changing genre reliably causes it to take a dive.

At this point I’m so used to it that after changing genre I automatically move the cursor to the menu bar and click on it to bring cubase back to the top.

It’s just another one of the numerous time-consuming annoyances introduced a few releases ago. Steinberg loves to waste their customers’ time.

Just did this and nothing unexpected happened. Probably there is some additional condition necessary to reproduce the problem.

Tried it again and this time the Export Window hid (but not some others). Not sure what might have differed. You should write it up as a step-by-step in the Cubase Issues sub-forum.

I’m rewriting this. Cubase do da submarine when I:
Export Mixdown
Key Commands
Export Selected Tracks -> Track Archives
Add Audio Track

I get this in a bunch of scenarios. Loading a new instrument track, Cubase minimizes until the plugin window is loaded and then it reappears.
If I recall correctly, opening a new session, Cubase minimizes and I need to alt-tab to restore.


I just reinstalled Cubase just to see if it helped because it’s getting on my nerves.
Kind of helped perhaps?
Some of the dialogs still dives, some don’t, but it seems better after a quarter of testing …
So … the jury is still out.

Try opening the Generic Remote then closing it. Guaranteed to infuriate.

Actually, I do have this issue with certain windows, yes. Did you put this in the Issues forum? If not I would, and everyone who experiences it can reply and +1 it.