Dialogue windows appearing in different positions/monitors

Hi there,

I’m a bit frustrated with Cubase 6.5 dialogue windows appearing in different places on different screens.

I used a variety of set ups :

  1. Macbook Pro on its own
  2. Macbook Pro with Dell 19 inch Widescreen
  3. ( most unusual ) Macbook Pro with 3 x 20 inch external monitors, 1 via displayport and 2 via Displaylink USB adapters.

Is it because of my various crazy setups? Or do other users have dialogue boxes appearing in unpredictable places?
Is there a work around / way to fix them to appear on the monitor with the dock? ( that would be really great )

If you switch screen setups this will definitely mess with you window layout. I often switch projects between MBP and a 2-screen MacPro - often get weird window configurations, but it only takes a few seconds to move them around.

Apart from that the Open Project dialogue seems to have a mind of its own - however many times I move it to the right screen, it always goes back to the left next time I need it. Minor niggle.

You’re not the only one. I quit using Cubase twice because of it… but I keep coming back!

I’ve had these issues from version 5.0-6.5.

This thread has some related discussion.

It depends on the last window you clicked in for whatever reason. The dialogue is trying to be helpful!

That’s what I have found anyway.

Aha… ok, so it in that case it would be good to get into a habit of clicking on a window in my main monitor screen often to reset focus there. Ok thanks I will try that out. :smiley:

I’ve been trying the approach of always remembering to click on a window in the center monitor, and it certainly helps if you know that is how to get dialogues there.

However, it would be a great feature to have as an option in preferences :

Position all dialogue boxes on primary monitor YES / NO, I might do a vote on it :smiley: