Dials and Mixing Sliders

An idea: It would be nice when mixing or using other dials to be able to double click, for example, the mixing slider and get a scrolling dial (similar to what you get when using clock timer or date on iPad/iPhone). This would make it easier to scroll to the exact number that you want and locking it in, rather than sliding back and forth and not quite getting the incremental number you want. This would also make it easier to get multiple mixer volumes the same… I think this would be great on any dial that requires up and down levels, I.e. Volume, mute and other insert effects. This would make Cubasis a lot more precise a little less frustrating.

Try holding the “Shift” down when making fine adjustments

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Thanks for the useful suggestion.
While we might not be able to roll-in usability changes in that area immediately, we’ll add the topic to our backlog.