Did a "Mapping Assistant Tutorial" & it made the keyboard stop sending MIDI producing sound?

MIDI had stopped being sent to Halion after setting up MIDI remote map. (before doing so the keyboard was sending MIDI). Subsequently I clicked the Mix Console Tab, then the keyboard is sending MIDI again, then I clicked the MIDI Remote tab again and the keyboard still sends MIDI.

If I get into a live situation and need to make an edit to my map, and this happens, I’m in trouble. What did I do? I don’t see normal “save” functions here - and it appears my mapping was created nonetheless (I even created a “preset”, but why was the keyboard not working - how should I have edited the “mode”? Obviously clicking another tab and then back again should NOT be the way it should work, right?

[Update: i eventually figured out that there was a somewhat Cubasey-stylized < symbol on the page, rather than the word “Exit” or a save (floppy icon) or something I would have recognized. Not that I know that its a vertically-elongated back arrow I guess i’ll see it all over the place in Cubase. It looks kinda like the Cubase logo (C) so I suppose it didn’t stand out (like it was part of the Cubase motif rather than a meaningful button.]


Sorry, I don’t understand. Could you please describe what you are doing, what you would expect and what happens instead?