Did anyone try Cubase 11 with MacOs High Sierra

Hello fellow Cubasians,

Cubase 11 doesn’t officially support MacOs 13 (High Sierra). But does it work with High Sierra? Did anyone try? What are the issues, if any?

Please share your experience. I have a very good iMac that doesn’t go further than High Sierra.

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Hi there,
I’m literally trying Cubase 11 Pro with a fresh High Sierra install now.
As soon as I have set everything back up I will let you know how it goes. :wink:

Haven’t used it a lot yet but from what I have, it works really well. Not a single crash and feels very smooth. At least for me

C11 will run (of sorts) under HighSierra (10.13)…but you’re going to experience graphical issues…most notably how plug-in GUIs (both 3rd party and Steinberg’s) are displayed. This usually manifests itself with completely un-editable solid black or white GUI displays or GUI menu scrolling that doesn’t function properly as you attempt to scroll. In some cases, you may be able to work around the problem by using the plug-in’s Generic display option…or use “tear-off” menus in some of the Steinberg titles, if the feature is present. Worst case scenario is that merely launching some plug-ins will cause Cubase to crash. It aint pretty.

All of this is occurring because your iMac doesn’t have a Metal-compliant GPU. That’s why Apple won’t let your iMac download Mojave…and why Cubase 11 won’t run on High Sierra properly: C11’s graphic engine requires a Metal-compliant GPU to run as designed. Unfortunately, older iMacs and MacBooks unequipped with Metal-compliant GPUs are impossible (or near impossible) or non-cost-effective to upgrade.
(Many older MacPro towers (2010 and later) can be retro-fitted with Metal-compliant GPU’s, and can run 10.14 or 10.15 and C11…so if you’re reading this and fall into this category, there are solutions, as long as you throw money at it).
So…you can take your chances attempting to run C11 on your iMac and High Sierra…but the end result will be by no means, optimal and pretty much not may not be worth the effort. It’ll be up to you to determine that or not. My advice? Stick with C10.5 until you can (or if) you get yourself a more recent Metal-compliant Mac, if you wish to continue going forward on the OSX platform and want a relatively trouble-free experience.

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Wow Weasel, thank you very much for your elaborate answer. I’ll stick tot Cubase 10. And will save money for a newer iMac. :slight_smile:

Was wondering about this. I took advantage of the “Stay at home” offer and ran 10.5 on a High Sierra without any issues. Now that I want to buy a license, Steinberg doesn’t sell one for 10.5…
I’m left with the option of buying from a private seller, and probably pay more for a 10.5 license than I would pay for an 11 license in a couple of weeks (special discounts are to be expected, right?).
Any advice? Does anyone know of a good place to buy 10.5 from?

Any new licence you activate today will be for Cubase 11, as Steinberg give you the latest version at the date of activation. This, however, is not a problem! Buy Cubase 11 today, and the licence will allow you to use an older version of Cubase. You can run 10.5 on your current Mac, then move to Cubase 11 without further payment when you have suitable hardware.

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