Did I Break a Rule?

I posted a thread offering to sell my Cubase 5 license and dongle and it seems to have been deleted.

Is that against forum rules here? If so, apologies. … and where is the proper place, if any? :frowning:

It is allowed to transfer your license – it’s a bit buried in the steinberg.net website, but it’s there. As far as selling your discs and dongle, there’s always eBay or a site like gearslutz.com which has a “for sale” section

I was curious as to why it was for sale and all of a sudden the post was gone as was the “Amnesty” post.
I was wondering why myself. What rules were broken. I would like to know.

Ebay is the best place to sell your software, FOR SURE!!

This is SO irritating. I was reading the Amnesty post and couldn’t find any broken rules either. I didn’t see anyone breaking rules. This must be an outburst of frustration from SB as to the direction the thread was taking. It is kinda strange seeing SB micro-manage the forums like this, I don’t see this on the other forums that adults use. (Maybe the little kiddy Lego or whatever forums where the Mods check each post to make sure the kids don’t curse each other. :wink:)

My prediction is that after a few days this post will be erased from the forum as well.

Just an FYI if you upgraded to C6 from that copy of 5, you can’t sell it. The buyer will have no way to use it.


I didn’t see anyone breaking rules.

About the “Amnesty” topic - someone posted a reply at 2.45 a.m. (UK time?) which seemed to be the one the mods took exception to. Nobody got banned - at least not any of the participants in the thread. Strange…

Is it just me or does SB intervention seem to be becoming more frequent…

Good point. Any sale is contingent on the dongle, which will contain all current and previous authorizations and upgrades

You’re new here, right? :laughing:

The cubase forums have been notorious for years for fairly rigid policing by the moderators

I thought so also. It was very informative until it vanished. The only and I mean the only reason I check out this
forum is for information I can’t possibly get from Steinberg. If is is going to be so restrictive, I may just bail out.
I like my freedom to much to cave into barbaric rules that are made up as we go along. If we are not following
set rules then we must and should be informed of that. Not just erased as an insignificant piece of garbage.
I may not be the brightest light in the sky but I do have my own morals. I am truly sorry if I am pirating this
post. That is not my intension. I am an older guy that needs all the help he can get from others for Cubase 6.
Not trying to be a trouble maker by any stretch of the imaginaton.

Steiny’s long had a no selling rule on the forums whether it be Cubase or gear. Having said that, they have bent the rules for a few people. MEAP was allowed to be advertised for a long time as well as the tutorial videos in the C6 forum now to mention a couple.

The amnesty thread was deleted because Steiny already gave an answer to the question and knows how quick those types of thread can get out of hand.

I applaud them for putting out fires before they conflagrate.

It was so nice of them to let us know the reason. Not everyone has received the Steinberg answer to the deleting
of the post. I’m not against deleting the post. Just the way it was done.

A warm cozy fire is nice after a hard day. Add a package of marsh-mellows, some pointy sticks, and some camaraderie and it’s even better.

No one wants a raging forest fire, but whats the harm in roasting some virtual marsh-mellows over a warm virtual fire? Sure, if the fire starts to spread out of control then you have to reign it in. But to put out all fires, even the nice cozy ones, makes for a cold, cold, cold meeting place … which is to say … not much of a meeting place at all.

Of course, banning folks arbitrarily and capriciously is about as cold as it gets. Not that such a thing could happen here, eh?

I totally agree with swamptone. As far as I know the amnesty thread never was a wildfire. If there were offensive postings then just close the thread and provide a reason why it was closed. :open_mouth: Just deleting posts is just lame, especially in the lounge. :imp:
Whatever, C6 rocks! :mrgreen:

Jeeez, I really had a hard time omitting that this feels like a Germanic political correct approach. No offense please, my native language is German :sunglasses: Anyway, let us just rest the case before…


You’ll find rather a lot of “commercial” forums have no selling rules. Also I don’t expect any kind of “Freedom”. This isn’t Scotland circa 14th century. It’s Steinberg’s pages intended for reasonable use by Cubase etc. users. If anything is couched to start controversy or finger-pointing then they will more than likely step on it. They OWN it. It’s not ours.
Get it?
And has anyone been killed by the forum yet? :mrgreen:

That’s like taking attendance by asking “if you aren’t here hold up your hand”. How will we ever know :wink:

Resistance is futile they own it. It’s not ours. Ultimate arguments to stop any discussion.

You bet! :wink:

It appears that I’ve just been noticing the excessive SB involvement that has been present since the old forums.