Did I do a stupid?

Hey. I just purchased NI Komplete and upon trying to install it I think I might’ve done a big f*up and I’m hoping there’s an easier way around it.

I noticed that after installing Komplete none of the plugins/programs were showing up in cubase. I opened the plug-in manager window and assigned the folder that Komplete was located in (C:program files\native instruments). However that must’ve been incorrect (I think the correct folder should have been the subfolder VSTPlugins 64bit).

Now when I’m attempting to load up Cubase it either crashes or hangs when trying to initialize the plugins folder.
Trying to reinstall Cubase is a super lengthy process for me right now as I don’t have the install file handy so I’m looking at a 5 hour download wait.

Is there an easier way around this? Ideally some way of skipping the vst initialization process at startup so I can just uncheck the folder from the plug-in manager window.


In file explorer, paste _%HOMEDRIVE%%HOMEPATH%\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 9_64_ as the path.

Drag the file Vst2xPlugin SearchPaths Cubase.xml to your desktop, now see if it starts up properly.

You’re right that the path you added was incorrect. In Native Acces, click the user icon and Preferences to find the correct paths. (“VST 64 location”)

Hallelujah! It worked.
Thanks so much