Did I find a bug in setting checkboxes in Layout Options?

I was messing around with options for showing bar numbers, and discovered an odd behavior. I have the “Show ranges of bar numbers under multi-bar rests and consolidated bar repeats” option enabled for parts, but not for my full score. When I click Select All, the checkbox predictably reads out " – ", showing that not all selected layouts have the same setting. If I then click Scores, the " – " sign remains in the checkbox, which isn’t accurate. If I next click Parts, the checkbox accurately displays a check, and then, if I click Scores again, the checkbox accurately shows blank at last.

And I said “Hey, hey… what’s goin’ on?”

Not sure, but it’s probably because you can’t have multi rests in scores…


It’s not that you can’t, of course, but multirests are (helpfully) off by default in score layouts.

Has anybody encountered this behavior also, or with different checkboxes? I didn’t figure it had anything to do with multirests in particular…

A dash in a checkbox (instead of a check or empty) is the standard indication for “mixed status” of an attribute among the selection. You can click to check or un-check all at once.

Right, I know. The problem I’m running into is that the dashed-checkbox is showing up when it shouldn’t. When clicking Select Only Scores after seeing a dashed checkbox, the dashed checkbox remains. But then when I Select Only Parts and then Only Scores again, the dashed checkbox disappears, showing the correct (in this case, un-checked) readout. I think this is a bug where the dash doesn’t clear out of its checkbox when it should. Since my score layout does not have that option set, I should never see that checkbox with a " – " when Selecting Only Scores. My hunch that it’s a bug is reinforced by the fact that I can get it to display correctly only after selecting Parts. The order in which I click the selection buttons shouldn’t affect the checkbox’s setting.

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What I find is that using the three buttons in the action bar to select all, select only scores, or select only parts all do the right thing, i.e. that the checkbox is indeterminate when both score and parts are selected, off when only scores are selected, and on when only parts are selected.

I am able to reproduce the checkbox failing to update when you make selections manually in the list view at the right-hand side of the Layout Options dialog. In particular, clicking an already selected row to start a new selection doesn’t always work, and nor does Shift+clicking on a currently unselected row to extend the current selection. This problem has been discussed from time to time here on the forum in the past.

This little nit is on our radar, but in the scheme of things it doesn’t seem hugely deleterious, and we have chosen to spend our limited development time elsewhere up to now.

That’s entirely respectable, Daniel! It doesn’t cause me any trouble, really, because I rarely need to edit those options once I have them set up in my “house style,” which I now do.