Did I install Halion sonic correctly?

When I installed the Halion Sonic (64 bit) today I wanted to install the content folder on my external hard drive but when I clicked customize in both of the windows at different points pre-install it wouldn’t let me browse to another location besides my C drive. Finally when I just clicked to start the installation it let me pick the reverence (?) content folder. So I just copied the “Steinberg/Content/VST Sound” folder chain and created those folders on my external drive. I installed the reverence content there.

When that was done it prompted me for where to install the Halion Sonic content. but now the default folder chain had a “/HALion” folder prior to the VST Sound folder. I wasn’t sure what to do so I add a HALion folder within the Content folder on my external drive and created another VST Sound folder in that HALion folder and I installed the Halion Sonic content there.

So right now in my external drive it’s Plug-Ins —> Steinberg —> Content. And in the content folder there’s a VST Sound folder, which contains the reverence file. Then there’s a HALion folder, with another folder called VST Sound, and in that second VST Sound folder is the normal Halion Content. Is this okay? I do I need to copy the reverence file and paste it in the other VST Sound folder with all the other Content files

I haven’t been able to test to see if I can get the sounds to work cause I still need to buy a us e-licenser key. I also wanted to know if the older Steinberg Key will work with Halion Sonic the same?

Just to let you guys know I installed the actual plug-in file in the default folder location on my C Drive. I’m also using Halion Sonic with FL Studio 10, not Cubase.