Did not get an activation code in email

I downloaded the Plug-In “Anima Wavetable” From the steinberg download assistant. Then I went to the Steinberg Library Manager and it showed “ANIMA Wavetable” but then when I went to HALion Sonic SE 3 it did not show. After a bit of research, I think that I am supposed to get a email with the activation code but did not receive an email in inbox or spam. Help needed! Thanks!

Hi @Conrad_Bobrowksi

Anima is part of Halion 6 and Halion Sonic 3 library. Previously it didn’t work at all with Halion Sonic SE.

Now there is a new version in download assistant which you can download separately and indeed it works with Halion Sonic SE. But I’m not sure about the license. Is it going to be a free product or are you supposed to buy it? For me it works but I guess it’s because of the Halion 6 license.

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The separate Anima instrument has presumably been made available because it is part of the Steinberg Plus bundle included with UR-C audio interfaces. I do not believe it is available to purchase separately, though it is part of Absolute 4/5, HALion 6 and HALion Sonic 3. If you do not have a licence for any of these products, it will not work.

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I got it for free in the Steinberg Download Assisstant and did not pay. I also only saw one so i believe i got the one for HALion Sonic se 3.

I have a license for Halion Sonic se 3 but do i have to get a license for Absolute 4/5 too?

It doesn’t matter if you were able to download it. If you didn’t buy a Steinberg UR-C series audio interface or a license for the full version of Halion Sonic 3 (also included with Halion 6 and the Absolute Collection), then you don’t have a valid license to use Anima. Sorry.

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