Did something change with 1-line percussion instruments in DP2

I am curious if something changed with regards to single line percussion instruments in DP2?

Here is part of a file I started in Dorico 1.0. I set it aside for months as I didn’t feel like working on it. But now with DP2 I wanted to see more of how it handles. The first measure of you see was created in Dorico 1.0, and as default with stems up (which is correct). The next measure was created today in DP2 and it shows stems down. I know I can force the stems up, but stems down is considered incorrect.

Has this changed? Or did I do something and was unaware?


When you activate Voice Colors, what do you see?

I didn’t think to try… but I see blue (voice 1).


There’s been no change between Dorico 1.2.10 and Dorico 2 that would cause the stem direction to flip. Perhaps try selecting one of the notes on the staff and changing the default stem direction of the voice via Edit > Voices > Default Stems Up.


Doing as you said, produces no change at all. The stem still points down.

What does seem odd, is the measure with notes from before shows stems up, but when I move into the next measure, it defaults to stems down again.


Another thing I noticed, that I don’t recall about before, is that when you add a slur to notes (as in the cymbal part shown) When you edit the percussion kit to show the stem direction going the other direction (when you select drum set option), the slur gets erased. Minor issue, but it did show up today.

To add more info, the cymbal part was added today using DP2.

Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at 3.33.21 PM.png