Did the Naming feature in 13.01 change in 13.02?

the new naming feature in Cubase 13 with key command Shift + Control + N was great in 13.01 . You press the shortcut and the pop window with the name field is highlighted for immediately renaming, but in 13.02 you have to first click on the name in the pop up window and then type. It’s one extra step but you still need to drag the mouse to the window , click in the box. It’s faster just to do the old way and go directly to the naming box in the info line.
I wonder if I accidentally changed a setting but if not please bring back how it worked in 13.01 .


It seems like the cursor isn’t jumping to textboxes anymore with the latest version. Also happens when creating new tracks. Hopefully it’s a bug that’ll be fixed! Unneeded clicks are annoying.

Which naming feature? Shift + STRG + N is doing something different.

Hi st10ss, I might have changed the key command but it’s ‘rename events’ in the key commands, Edit

What I wanna know is out of the list of naming variables you can choose from such as A.S. date and time etc. Why there isn’t a note number or note name you know pitch name that would be really good and I don’t know why it isn’t already there to be honest.