Did they deceive me?

I purchased from an Israeli shop CUBASE pro 9.5 from this link:

when I inserted the serical code in my user the code brought me Cubase pro 9 download …
My question is, if I bought CUBASE pro 9.5, when I put the code I need to get a direct download of Cubase pro 9.5? Or to get download of Cubase pro 9 and Update to 9.5?

I’ll be glad to answer, I’m afraid they cheated me


There was probably Cubase 9. But thanks to the Steinberg Grace Period, you can upgrade for free. Use your Cubase 9 activation code, and activate Cubase 9. Then you will be informed about Cubase 9.5 license update. Download (activate) Cubase 9.5 license. Then the Cubase 9.5 installer appears in your MySteinberg account, and you can download it.

Halilit is the official Steinberg Distributor and support resource in Israel, you don’t have to worry.
Martin is correct, you’ll get 9.5 via the Grace Period.