Didn't get download for 6.5 update

I bought Cubase 6 three days ago and was eligible for a update 6.5 for free which i did so my e license says i have 6.5 now but im on 6.0.2 and cant seem to find a download to the update anywhere. Can anyone help?

Look under “Grace Period” in support and enter your e-licenser number from the control center.

This will allow you to download the upgrade.

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I don’t know what to say to that.

Hi Alvinosis, did u manage to download your 6.5 upgrade?

I keep getting a 404 error when I clicked on the 6.5 download link for the PC. :cry:

I just tried.

Works for me.

Thank for the reply Shinta215.
Still getting the 404 error.
Will try later.

hey same here man,been using firefox,google chrome,internet explorer and it all yields the same results

I Just downloaded the update, not 404 error. Are you still having this problem ?

solved man! turns out just refreshing the page with the link solved the problem LOL

Ha ha! This thread so reads like an idiots guide on how to download a file! :wink:

Up and coming thread: how to operate a two button mouse!